PALS for Patriots Veteran Flights

Free flights for veterans that provide much more than just transportation

PALS for Patriots provides free air transportation for military personnel and veterans to support the wellbeing of their body, mind and spirit. Using volunteer pilots, we connect veterans and their families to specialized medical treatment, adaptive retreats, service dog organizations, and moral boosting opportunities that advance the healing process.
It’s our privilege to assist in eliminating transportation as a barrier for our military, allowing them to access services they need and deserve.

Our free flights help veterans travel to:

  • Specialized medical treatment for yourself or a family member

  • Programs that support post traumatic growth

  • Services that connect a veteran with a service dog

  • And much more...

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We're so proud of our Veterans!

Read some of their heart-warming stories below
Veteran Theresa and her PALS team preparing for a free flight for veterans through our PALS for Patriots program

Dr. Theresa Reer

retired army captain

PALS united Dr. Reer with Oscar, her specialized service-dog trained just for her.

David Crouse receives a free veteran flight

david crouse

retired marine

A PALS for Patriots weekend trip to an MLB game turned out to be the boost he needed.

US Air Force Veteran takes a flight to Camp Southern Grounds on PALS

Jen Buckner

retired air force

A trip to Camp Southern Ground (CSG) in Georgia and a heartfelt letter from Jen

“Just enjoying each other's company was a great time. By the end of that weekend I kinda had this weird moment, it really was this light switch realization for me. I kinda looked up and said "holy crap", it's been like 3 days we've been on this trip and I've had fun the whole time. ”

PALS partners with some incredible organizations

Our Story

PALS began its mission to provide free medical, compassion and veteran flights back in 2010. It was the dream of our founders, who as pilots felt their skills and resources could help people with free air transportation for medical treatments.

That initial inspiration and the first PALS flight has now grown to over 27,000 flights for over 3,200 families and an astounding 6.5 million miles flown. Quite an accomplishment for a free air travel organization a little over 10 years old.

Our Passenger Stories

Over the years and over many missions, we’re honored and humbled to hear how many lives we’ve been able to impact. Often times when a person is diagnosed with a life-changing illness, the care they need is inaccessible by car due to the repeat trips and length of each trip. When these families and individuals reach out to PALS, our team of volunteer pilots and mission coordinators go to work to make free travel to a medical facility or hospital possible. The stories we hear and those that our patients send us are all the reward we need.

Let’s make more critical medical flights and compassion flights happen! We cannot do it without you.