100% of PALS Board of Directors have committed to making a personal gift for a total of more than $1.2 million.

Without obstacles, PALS SkyHope can continue to fly patients to lifesaving appointments and take away their financial burden of travel.

When we finance special funds for people in need today, we clear a flight path for the future that ensures PALS SkyHope won’t have to say “no” to any qualified patient or veteran for years to come.


  1. Secure PALS SkyHope financially over the long term
  2. Provide the financial flexibility to meet all immediate patient needs
  3. Enable donors to support areas of the cause that they are most passionate about

When you support the Open Skies, your donation goes further.

4X Impact

Every dollar donated provides $4 in services because pilots cover the aircraft and fuel


Every $400 donated covers the cost of an entire PALS SkyHope trip ($1,400 estimated value)

In addition to making general unrestricted gifts, donors may choose to direct their contributions to one of five special funds.

Five special funds to support

With your support, we can fly to a brighter future