Patient AirLift Services invites compassionate pilots, aviation enthusiasts and volunteers to be a part of the PALS mission of helping people access essential medical care and treatment by providing free air transportation.

Volunteer pilots donate their skills, time, airplanes and all expenses without compensation—and in exchange help change the lives of people and patients in need.

Command Pilot Requirements

The Board of Directors has established the following pilot requirements for acting as Command Pilot, sole manipulator on a PALS SkyHope mission:

  • For the operation of any single-engine piston aircraft, the pilot shall have a minimum total time of 350 hours with 50 hours of PIC time having been in the same make and model aircraft to be flown for PALS SkyHope missions.
  • For the operation of any multi-engine or turbine powered aircraft, the pilot shall have a minimum total
    time of 500 hours, with a minimum of 400 hours as pilot-in-command (PIC), and not less
    than 50 hours in make and model to be flown.
  • In addition, to act as Command Pilot for any PALS SkyHope flight, pilots must meet the
    following criteria:

  1. Hold a valid and current pilot certificate for the aircraft category, class and type (if a type rating is required) in which he/she will be acting as pilot-in-command
  2. Hold at least a valid and current Class Ill medical certificate**
  3. Be IFR rated, current, and qualified in the aircraft make/model category, class, and type (if a type rating is required) to be flown
  4. Be in compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations, including those regulations relating to currency for carrying passengers, flight reviews, night flying, fuel reserves and instrument flight
  5. Be in compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations relating to the use of alcohol and drugs, including reporting requirements specified in the regulations
  6. Whether flying rented or owned aircraft, have in force liability insurance applicable to the flight providing minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $100,000 per seat
  7. Flying an IFR-certified aircraft with a valid standard airworthiness certificate (normal, utility, acrobatic, commuter or transport category)
  8. If renting an aircraft for the mission, attest that the requirements and conditions of the renting agency have been satisfied
  9. Flown a minimum of 12 hours as PIC during the 90 days immediately preceding the mission in the aircraft make/model,  or in the alternative, have completed 2 hours of dual training with a certified flight instructor within the preceding 3 calendar months prior to the month of flight in the mission aircraft make/model. (This 12 hours is included in the total of 50 and is not additional)
  10. Under 78 years of age
  11. Be in compliance with the PALS SkyHope Manual

**Pilots who wish to fly under Basic Med, must submit the following:

  •  A valid medical certificate issued any time after 7/14/2006
  • Signed certification page from Comprehensive Medical Exam Checklist (please submit ONLY the certification page)
  • Medical Self-Assessment Online Course Completion Certificate
  • Current Driver’s License
  • Aircraft Insurance Endorsement or similar showing proof of coverage while acting as  PIC under FAR Part 68 (BasicMed)
  • Signed Affirmation for PALS SkyHope Command Pilots Operating Under Conditions of BasicMed

It is the responsibility and obligation of the Pilot-in-Command to decline a mission referred by PALS SkyHope unless ALL of the above statements are true at the time of the flight.

We need volunteer pilots

Plane size doesn’t matter, 1-2 flights/year appreciated

Below are some of the types of planes our volunteer pilots fly.