Texas House of Representatives Honors PALS!

PALS in the news

PALS is thrilled to share that the Texas House Representatives, recently presented us with a Congratulatory and Honorary Resolution –– for our PALS Disaster Relief Program, Sky Hope! Honoring our PALS family for supporting the State of Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

In the days and weeks following one of the worst humanitarian crises in Southeast Texas, PALS mobilized 42 volunteer pilots, who flew a total of 154 missions into Jefferson and Orange Counties, 114 of which were flights that involved delivering 500-1,000 pounds of food, water, medical supplies, and other equipment. The remainder of the missions transported passengers, including patients with urgent medical needs, health care workers, and search and rescue teams.

The resolution shares:

“The courageous efforts of PALS pilots and crews were instrumental in preventing further loss of life in communities that were impacted the worst by the storm, and all those affiliated with this outstanding program have earned the heartfelt gratitude of countless Texans.”

As someone who supports our mission and is a part of our PALS Family, we want to share this exciting moment with you! Click the video above to watch Representative Dade Phelan [R] acknowledge YOUR remarkable contributions!

Read the Resolution here.

PALS members
Thank you to all of the PALS Board Members, Volunteers, and Pilots that attended! Pictured here from left to right: Representative Dade Phelan, Representative John Cyrier, Rene Bangelsdorf, Robin Eissler, Brad Lamb, John Rochelle, and Joe Howley.

PALS members award


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