Patient Airlift Services Unveils New Name at SkyHope Gala

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Patient Airlift Services Unveils New Name at SkyHope Gala

Farmingdale, New York, November 2022 – Patient Airlift Services (PALS) unveiled its new name at their annual gala held on November 3rd in Rye, NY. The successful event raised nearly $600,000 for PALS’ mission.


“There is no other volunteer pilot organization that can match our transparency, efficiency, and passion to help those in need,” said Board President Joe Howley. “Our superb pilots and staff are second to none.”


Founded in 2010, PALS has grown into an award-winning, nationally recognized leader in the field of charitable aviation, and has provided more than 27,000 free flights for thousands of seriously ill children, adults, veterans, and disaster victims.

“As our great organization continues to grow, build partners, and seek broader recognition, we felt it’s time to give PALS a name that truly captures what we do and who we are. SkyHope captures the beauty of what we do. At our core, we are hope.”
“Change can be hard, and I know that to many of us, this organization will always be PALS. But how exciting it is to see how far we’ve come and embrace a future of growth.”

For more information about PALS SkyHope, please contact us at 631-694-7257 or

About PALS SkyHope

PALS SkyHope provides free transportation to people who need to travel long distances for lifesaving medical treatments and veterans who need access to support programs. We do this through our amazing volunteer pilots. PALS makes critical flights happen so that our passengers can focus on what matters and keep fighting for their lives.

For more information visit


You have the power to make critical flights happen

To help a child battling a medical illness get a free flight to a doctor who can save their life. To connect a wounded veteran with a service dog. When you donate to PALS SkyHope, you support people fighting for their lives, and pilots using their skills for the greater good. SkyHope pilots have flown more than 30,000 free missions, lifting the burden for families. With your help, the sky’s the limit for how many missions we can fly and how many lives we can impact. Help us continue to make these flights possible

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