More than 4.7 million United States veterans (26% of the total veteran population) suffer from injury or disability.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020

More than 1.1 million veterans (6.1%) earn an income below the national poverty level.

U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 2019

PALS SkyHope has been serving the veteran community through its PALS for Patriots program since 2011. The PALS for Patriots program flies injured and disabled U.S. military veterans requiring out-of own medical treatment or transport to specialized military medical centers, adaptive retreats, and morale-boosting events throughout the eastern United States. Due to increasing demand from within the military community, PALS for Patriots is a primary focus for expansion.

PALS SkyHope has seen increasing demand from within the military community, as evidenced by PALS for Patriot’s steady growth.

PALS SkyHope has flown nearly 1,300 injured and disabled veterans and their families to receive life-changing services and lifesaving care.

Supporting the PALS SkyHope Veterans Fund helps patients like



Jennipher, a combat veteran from the U.S. Air Force, was struggling to find her purpose as she transitioned to civilian life and learned to cope with her invisible wounds. She found a camp for veterans in Georgia that promoted self-discovery, but she needed a way to get to this life-changing program. PALS SkyHope paired Jennipher with a volunteer pilot and provided her with not only a flight to camp but also an experience that made her feel special and worthy.