PALS SkyHope Receives Grant from Incyte Giving Foundation to Provide Free Flights for Delaware Residents

PALS SkyHope Receives Grant from Incyte Giving Foundation to Provide Free Flights for Delaware Residents

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: PALS SkyHope is thrilled to announce they have received a $15,000 grant from Incyte Giving Foundation to provide free Medical Flights for Delaware residents. This program will allow free air travel for individuals with serious illnesses, including cancer, who require long-distance care but cannot afford or are unable to fly commercially. This grant will fund flights for seriously ill children and adults and significantly expand health care access for Delaware’s most underserved communities. 

“We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity Incyte granted us in order to continue to expand our free medical flights to the Delaware area. With this funding, we will provide free flights for individuals living with Cancer. This includes air travel for medical care, or to attend Oncology events and conferences.” said Brook Leighton, Director of Development

Like Incyte, we are committed to serving the needs of communities in Delaware and providing Oncology patient support.

PALS SkyHope regularly engages a nationwide network of transportation providers, treatment facilities, and support organizations. Through this network, PALS helps connect participants to the highest quality care and spread awareness of its services.

Contact: Brook Leighton | (631) 694-7257

ABOUT INCYTE: The Incyte Charitable Giving Foundation provides charitable donations to publicly funded 501(c) (3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations that are specifically serving the needs of communities in Delaware and are focused on two areas—Oncology Patient Support and Resources and Community Partnerships.

ABOUT PALS SKYHOPE: PALS SkyHope, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has over 27,000 passenger flights flown since inception in 2010. PALS arranges free air transportation for individuals requiring out-of-town or out-of-state medical treatment who cannot afford or are unable to fly commercially; for compassionate assistance; and for humanitarian purposes. Through its extensive network of aviation assets (including volunteer pilots, commercial airlines, and corporate partners), PALS serves disadvantaged individuals. 

If you or someone you know is in need of a flight CLICK HERE


You have the power to make critical flights happen

To help a child battling a medical illness get a free flight to a doctor who can save their life. To connect a wounded veteran with a service dog. When you donate to PALS SkyHope, you support people fighting for their lives, and pilots using their skills for the greater good. SkyHope pilots have flown more than 30,000 free missions, lifting the burden for families. With your help, the sky’s the limit for how many missions we can fly and how many lives we can impact. Help us continue to make these flights possible