Volunteer pilots flying in Sandy relief volunteers

Web produced by Jennifer Matarese, Eyewitness News

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. (WABC) — Airplane pilots are turning their planes into a shuttle service, picking up recovery workers from other states, and bringing them to Farmingdale, Long Island to help.

They are changing the lives of people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“We’re here we’re ready to go to work,” said Joe Kinnick, a volunteer worker.

The volunteers work full time jobs yet decided to spend this weekend volunteering on Long Island.

They are giving up precious time with their families to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

“This is my second time since Hurricane Sandy and I just keep coming back as long as there’s work for me,” said Dave McGoogan, a volunteer worker.

Patient Airlift Services normally does medical, military and humanitarian flights.

Then they linked up with volunteers from Crisis Response International Relief Workers who have people around the country who want to help but needed a quick way to get here.

“There are people around the country like these people from Youngstown, Ohio that are not able to drive 15 hours to get here and were able to fly in here in an hour and a half,” said Peter Welles, a volunteer pilot.

The group of 11 volunteers from Ohio and Pennsylvania are working in Lindenhurst this weekend ripping out and rebuilding homes.

With the help of a short flight they can put in three solid days of work.

If all we do is come and tear up dry wall or insulation, if that’s all we do, that’s all we do,” McGoogan said.

They’ve arranged 2,200 flights in the two short years since they started.



December 07, 2012