PALS Featured by National Business Aviation Association

Business People Fly for PALS

Recently on the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) website Patient AirLift Services was featured, highlighting the members of PALS as both elite business men and women and PALS pilots. Here is a quick excerpt from the article:

“Shawn Lyden, of Coastal Realty Capital in Maine, often uses his aircraft to support his business, which makes commercial loans throughout the Northeast, but said PALS flights can be the highlight of his week. Several years ago, he flew a young girl burned from head to toe to the Shriner’s Hospital in Boston for skin grafts. As the little girl recovered and grew, additional flights enabled the girl to return to the hospital, where surgeons replaced grafts as she outgrew them. “I flew her a dozen times and by the fifth or sixth flight, we had a bond,” said Lyden. “We became friends.””
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December 05, 2012