A fresh look for PALS!

PALS brand
PALS brand

For ten years, our black and gold wings served PALS well! As we consider the future, we wanted to look with fresh eyes at the possibilities of PALS and the PALS brand.

We want our PALS families to know that we are reliable, devoted, and always optimistic for the future.

  • It is because of our trusted pilot and aviation network that passengers can count on us to be reliable.
  • It is because of the many dedicated hearts and hands at PALS that our passengers know we are devoted to our missions.
  • It is because of the spirits and smiles of our passengers that we are optimistic.

PALS brand logo

The new look, including our new blue pallet, shows our characteristics of hopefulness and security. Bright, yet solid. The small child with the plane is to encourage the feelings of compassion and inspiration – emotions that are the heart of our work.

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