FUND.A.PALS FLIGHT . . . . . Opening Day on #GivingTuesday

Patient AirLift Services

2014 Fund-a-PALS Flight!

We’ve set the kick-off date for the Patient AirLift Services Fund-a-PALS Flight program to commence on December 2nd, GivingTuesday!

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What is Fund-a-PALS Fight all about?

If a child, adult or serviceman falls ill and their best treatment option is far from home, Patient AirLift Services steps in to connect a volunteer pilot to fly that patient to their medical destination within the Northeast region. When available, PALS will also coordinate ground transportation through ‘Auto Pilot’ volunteers making it a door-to-door service. It takes on average $300 for PALS to arrange that flight which is always free to the patient.

Through online fundraising, individuals can make a flight happen by funding them in increments of $300. Form teams and set goals. 15 flights is a $4500 goal and 1 flight is a $300 goal. Individuals can even donate any amount to assist in supporting a portion of one flight. PALS arranges approx. 200 flights per month so no dollar amount is too small!

Fund-a-PALS Fight enables the community to give ill children, adults & servicemen hope. Generous PALS pilots pay it forward by donating their time, aircraft and fuel. YOU can pay it forward by helping PALS to raise money to support the mission and get the flights off the ground. Whether it’s a chemotherapy treatment, a morale-boosting military trip or a cardiac diagnosis YOU can make a difference to change lives, one flight at a time.

Whygiving tuesday logo ?

The Friday after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, the Monday after is Cyber-Monday and the next day is the day the world gives back on a global level… it’s GivingTuesday. Let’s watch the Fund-a-PALS Fight thermometer grow on the biggest philanthropy day in the world to give people a fighting chance for health. Starting Dec. 2nd let’s keep it going for the rest of the year!

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