Bubble Run at Nikon Jones Beach

Nikon at Jones Beach Theater

Hey… they say that the Bubble Run is like a giant, effervescent party… like running through Willy Wonkas’ factory!

Great News!!!

Patient AirLift Services is one of the ‘Charities of Choice’ of the Long Island Bubble Run on September 30th at Nikon Jones Beach.

It’s going to be a ton of fun whether you volunteer or decide to run.


* To participate: CLICK HERE to run or walk.

* To be a PALS Bubble-teer & volunteer…  CLICK HERE

(click the box that says PALS Volunteer)


Don’t forget to forward your volunteer registration to events@palservices.org.  We’ll keep you posted about logistics, where and what time to meet us and most of all… all volunteers that notify us in advance will be entered into the PALS Bubble-teer raffle!

Any questions, send us an email at: events@palservices.org.

Can wait to see you on September 30th at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater!!

bubble run photos