Disaster Relief

PALS SKY HOPE Disaster Relief Program

Patient AirLift Services (PALS), through the PALS SKY HOPE Disaster Relief Program, is one of the charitable aviation organizations that provides initial airlift support into and out of areas affected by natural disasters.

How PALS Can Help!
PALS offers support as an aviation resource for the following:

  1. Ambulatory individuals with urgent medical needs.
  2. Certified relief workers who need to be flown in/out of the area, ie. Search & Rescue, Doctors, Nurses.
  3. Urgent need for all types of supplies including food, water, medical, pet, and various equipment.

If you are in need of airlift assistance for supplies or passengers, please use this form to request help from PALS Sky Hope.

You Can Help PALS!  Volunteer or Make a Donation to Fund the Mission
Are you a pilot or aviation corporation interested in volunteering your time and talent in support of disaster relief efforts? Due to the increased air traffic and flight restrictions in impacted areas, we ask that all volunteers meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 350 hours total time for single engine, or 500 hours w/400 PIC for multi-engine or turbine
  • IFR current,  and
  • Have access to an IFR-certified aircraft.

*  For pilot/aviation organization information, please email relief@palservices.org
*  For all other disaster relief information, please email skyhope@palservices.org

Make a donation in support of the PALS SKY HOPE Disaster Relief Mission by clicking the Donation Box below.