Compassion Callsign Update

Many of you have heard that there are imminent changes to the use of the Compassion call sign (CMF) resulting from an incompatibility with ADS-B Out.  Specifically, the change directs:

Pilots may no longer use the generic Compassion call sign after December 15th.

This directive is from the FAA and all PALS pilots must comply.

Air Care Alliance (ACA), as the authorized administrator of the CMF call sign, has proposed a process that will enable some pilots to continue using a pilot unique CMF Call Sign after December 15th.   PALS will work with the FAA towards a goal of having a process that allows all PALS pilots to be able to identify as a compassion flight and comply with ADS-B out requirements when on a PALS flight.

Until we can establish an inclusive process, effective December 15th, do not use the CMF call sign and enter the following note in the remarks section of your flight plan when on a PALS flight.


Your controller will be aware of your mission and may provide consideration for any requests you may have.

Updates will be forthcoming.